umchaeeun said: Yes all of them are very near to Sookmyung univ. because they are chain. The first two are sold in Sulbing, and the last one is in Bubble tree. Try it. It will be so nice :) I really dont know how can i reply to you. So i send you message. Do you study at Sookmyung univ. ??

Ohh thank you for your answer and your advices ^•^ Yes, I’m a student at Sookmyung, my first day is tomorrow :) I am in the painting department! Are you a student too? Or maybe you already work? ~ 잔자요 ! 


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Kawaii animal donuts in Koenji now!

textile kaleidoscope gif 3

Painted that ^-^ (sorry for the bad quality… ~.~ )
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